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NEW NEW NEW! Reusable Coffee Cups

Posted by: In: Special Offers 17 Oct 2018 Comments: 0

350ml reusable Cork coffee cup with a unique soft touch natural cork outer coating that insulates the cup and ensures it is not too hot to hold. It is manufactured from tough food grade polypropylene and has a secure screw on lid with a splash proof flip closure. Oakridge is BPA free


Eco-friendly 300ml Rice Husk Cup , double wall reusable coffee cup which will keep drinks hot for longer, yet remain cool on the outside. It has a secure screw on lid with a splash proof sliding closure which covers the drinking vent when it is not in use. Choice Cup has an incredible story to tell and is manufactured from a 50/50 blend of natural rice husk fibre and food grade polypropylene which is lead, cadmium and BPA free. Rice husk is a waste product with little value and the agricultural industry often dispose of it by burning which creates air pollution. Using it to make Choice Cup reduces the amount of plastic used, accelerates its biodegradability and produces a trendy natural look.


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