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Stylus Pens Now In Stock

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Stylus pens make it easy to take notes, draw or simply turn a page on tablets and smart phones. Even someone who has never used a stylus before already knows how to use one, because using a stylus feels just like using a regular pen.Our stylus pens make perfect business gifts or awards when engraved or printed with your brand and message.
Marksman Multi Stylus from Stateside

MM1011 – Marksman Multi Stylus

Exclusive Marksman design laser presenter

with stylus and metal ballpoint pen.

Presented in a Marksman giftbox

Product size: 140mm(w) x 11mm(diameter) 


MM1003 – Marksman Trigon Twist

Stylus Pen

Elegant twist action ballpoint pen with distinctive

aqua blue accent and stylus tip for use on

capacitive touch screens such as on

smartphones and tablets. Presented in a

Marksman sliding gift box

Product Size: 145mm(h) x 12mm(diameter)

Marksman Trigon Twist Stylus from Stateside
Elleven Vapor Dual Ballpoint Stylus from Stateside

EL021 – Elleven Vapor Dual Ballpoint Stylus

Exclusive Elleven design features stunning

midnight chrome finishing with signature

Vapor detailing on bottom barrel. Rubberised capacitive touch stylus tip is ideal for touch

screens such as iPhones and iPads as well as everyday uses such as touchscreen payment

pads used in grocery stores, petrol stations, department stores and ATMs.

Product Size: 148mm(w) x 10mm(diameter)

EL007 – Elleven Dual Ballpoint Stylus Pen

Innovative Elleven design. High-gloss brass body with rubberized stylus end and retractable twist action mechanism.

Product Size: 145.5mm x 10mm (diameter)2

Elleven Dual Ballpoint Stylus Pen from Stateside
Cenapen Stylus & Cable Manager from Stateside

CEN1003 – Cenapen Stylus & Cable Manager

The Cenapen is a stylus made for typing,

sketching and drawing on phones and tablets.

It utilises a soft rubber tip attached a solid aluminum body which thickness creates comfortable grip. The Cenapen comes with a weighty metal stand with a built in cable stop. Packed in a Cenatron gift box.

Product Size: Pen: 128mm(w) x 29mm(diameter)

 6006S, WH – Stylus Ballpoint Pen

Metal twist action ballpoint pen in gloss silver or white finish with soft rubberised pad one end

for use with your touch screen device.

Supplied with black ink.

Product Size: 129mm(w) x 9mm(diameter)

Stylus Ballpoint Pen from Stateside
Colonnade Stylus Pen from Stateside

9036BL, S – Colonnade Stylus Pen

Dual purpose metal twist action pen with soft rubberised pad for use on your touch screen

device. Supplied with black ink. Available in

blue & silver.

Product Size: 145mm(h) x 10mm(diameter)

9035 – Stylus Ballpoint Pen

With soft rubberised pad on one end for use on

your touch screen device and ball pen with

black ink the other.

Product Size: 120mm(w) x 8mm(diameter)

Stylus Ballpoint Pen from Stateside
Gumbite Styli from Stateside

GB008 – Gumbite Styli

The chunky Styli with high responsive soft tip

gives you comfortable and accurate control over your touchscreen devices, not only when you

want to draw something but also for typing or playing games. The Styli even provides you an accurate and precise way to take notes in meetings and classroom settings or to sketch

out rough ideas while you are on the go.

Available in 5 colours

Product Size: 116mm(h) x 14mm(diameter)

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